Restaurant Cleaning Canberra

There is no place that is a higher hygiene risk than a kitchen. At the heart of every restaurant, cafe, bar and hotel, you can rest assured that any lack of cleanliness in the kitchen is sure to have consequences that could result in permanent loss of business. The challenge is that busy restaurant kitchens are where all the activity happens, so it is important to keep the kitchen running smoothly. This can be done with professional restaurant cleaning. With New Generation Cleaning’s services, Canberra restaurant kitchens have never been so clean.

What are the benefits of using a professional service for restaurant cleaning in Canberra?

First of all, cleaning a modern restaurant kitchen is a highly demanding job. Most restaurants don’t want to hire and pay additional staff to look after the cleaning. You have to worry about what happens when they call in sick, and you have the regulatory challenges that come with employing more staff. On the other hand, you can’t expect your kitchen or wait staff to stay after hours and do the cleaning after their shift. The most cost-effective and strategic way to complete restaurant cleaning in Canberra is to hire a professional restaurant cleaning service. You get to focus on running your business while the experts take over the demanding work of cleaning up.

Restaurant cleaning in Canberra also presents great risks to owners, managers, staff and customers. As well as being physically demanding, restaurant cleaning in Canberra requires a level of experience and skill. For instance, chemicals cannot be stored anywhere near food and food preparation areas or you risk contamination. Our cleaners are experienced with a wide range of restaurants across Canberra. This puts us in the position of knowing how to set up a productive and clean area for your staff and maintain hygiene with low risk and no disruption.

Why hire a professional service for restaurant cleaning in Canberra?

When you hang up your coat at home, our team are setting up to provide your restaurant with a deep clean overnight, ready for you to come into a freshly sparkling restaurant the next day. According to your preference, we can clean your dining area as well as your kitchen. You won’t notice our presence except for the removal of grime and the gleaming restaurant you walk into the next day.

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We can customise the areas of cleaning below to suit your daily, weekly or monthly needs:

  • Entrance & dining areas cleaning
  • Bar areas cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • General kitchen cleaning
  • Patio or outside areas cleaning