Frequently Asked Questions

About New Generation Cleaning

Who is New Generation Cleaning?2020-10-22T04:16:02+11:00

New Generation Cleaning is a professional cleaning company with expertise in both Commercial and Residential cleaning work. Whether you are a small home or a large building facility, we have the resources to meet your expectations with the best quality and attention to detail cleaning services.

What is special about New Generation Cleaning?2020-10-22T04:16:54+11:00

New Generation Cleaning uses a comprehensive cleaning management system to ensure all the sites/premises are cleaned properly every time under Safe Work and Cleaning procedures. This creates a safe and healthy environment for all our employees and clients.

Providing confidence and peace of mind to our clients, they can put their focus on their daily work or personal life while leaving the cleaning part to us.

Cleaning and system

Why should I use New Generation Cleaning to clean my sites/premises?2020-10-22T04:05:37+11:00

All our cleaning teams/employees are carefully selected by New Generation Cleaning and are fully trained. Our employees must follow the cleaning management system to consistently deliver excellent cleaning results and create a safe and healthy environment for all our clients’ sites/premises.

Also, we provide cleaning chemicals and equipment, which means you have nothing to worry about once we start looking after your sites/premises.

Can New Generation Cleaning provide police check certificate to the client if required?2020-10-22T04:05:41+11:00

Yes, all our cleaners are required to provide a police check certificate before they start working with New Generation Cleaning. We can provide it to our clients if required.

How many cleaners will be cleaning my sites/premises?2020-10-22T04:05:47+11:00

This depends on the size of your sites/premises. Usually, New Generation Cleaning will send a team of 2 staff to clean your sites/premises.

Is New Generation Cleaning fully insured?2020-10-22T04:18:42+11:00

New Generation Cleaning is fully insured:

–       Public Liability Insurance of $20,000,000.

–       Worker Compensation Insurance to cover all of our employees.


Is it expensive to use your cleaning services?2020-10-22T04:14:22+11:00

Not at all and this is the reason why we love to meet you onsite to further discuss and walk through the sites/premises together to provide a quote that meets your requirements and expectations instead of presuming/ quoting directly over the phone.

We understand that time is valuable. That is why we always recommend our clients to use their time to focus on their business or personal life instead of doing the cleaning in-house that they may not have expertise in.

How much do you charge for the cleaning?2022-05-20T04:07:33+10:00

This depends on the size of your sites/premises, frequency of service, scope of work, and your specific requests. Feel free to CONTACT US  if you would like to obtain a quotation and we are happy to send our professional team to meet you on site for further discussion.

Do you offer special pricing if I have multiple locations to clean?2020-10-22T04:06:18+11:00

Certainly, New Generation Cleaning offers special pricing to our clients who have multiple locations for us to clean.